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Best Travel Shawl, Wraps & Pashmina for 2023

After 30 years of travel, I’ve come to realize that the best travel clothes are the ones you feel the most you in.

For me, that means clothes that combine flexibility, comfort, and style. I’m not super fashion conscious but I do like to balance fashion with comfort. And since I almost always travel with just a carry-on, everything in my wardrobe must pull double duty.

That’s where colorful travel shawls, warming travel wraps, beautiful travel pashminas, and a cozy travel blanket scarves come in!

Why Pack a Travel Shawl, Wrap, Pashmina or Blanket Scarf?

These items are perfect for travel because they’re stylish and versatile. You can use them in so many ways while traveling:

  • Keep warm on a chilly plane, train hotel room.
  • Place over your head for more darkness when trying to sleep on an overnight flight.
  • Wear as a stylish scarf during the day and an elegant wrap at night.
  • Use as a make-shift bathrobe.
  • Wear while in transit home so you have a little more room in your bag.
  • Stow in your day bag in case you spill on your shirt or dress and need a quick cover up.
  • Cover your shoulders or knees when visiting churches and other sites that require more modest dress. 

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How to Choose Between a Scarf, Shawl, Pashmina and Blanket Scarf?

A typically rectangular, long, narrow, and worn wrapped around your neck. Scarves are often knitted or made from thick fabric, since their purpose is to keep your neck warm in cold weather. 

A shawl…is usually rectangular but wider than a scarf and can be folded and worn around your neck or draped around your shoulders.  

A pashmina…is a scarf that was typically made out of a specific type of wool. Many think of cashmere when they think of pashminas. Today, pashmina can also refer to a large scarf meant to be worn around your shoulders. 

A blanket scarf…is typically an oversized square scarf that can serve as a blanket in addition to a scarf. 

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Questions to Ask Yourself Before Buying a Travel Wrap:

Do I want armholes?
Would you prefer a wrap that you can simply wrap around you or would you rather have one that has holes you can put your arms through?  

How big do I want it to be? What width and length?
The size you’ll want depends on how you want to wear the wrap. If you mostly want to wear it as a scarf, you may want something on the smaller side. If you want to wear it more often as a wrap around your head or shoulders, go for something in the medium rage. If you plan to wear it as a “jacket” over leggings, you might prefer one on the larger size. 

Do you want tassels, buttons, fringe or other kinds of flair?
You can find simple wraps or wraps with decorations…what’s your preference? 

What kind of fabric do you want?
You have lots of options…from cotton to cashmere to lightweight fabrics to blends. It just depends on the weather you’ll be traveling in, where you want to wear your wrap, and your personal style. 

Do you want a neutral or statement wrap?
You’ll find wraps in a variety of colors. Would you prefer a wrap that will go with everything in your travel wardrobe? Or would you rather have a wrap that makes a bold fashion statement? 

Would you rather have a pattern or solid color?
Again, this just depends on your personal style. You’ll find wraps in all sorts of solids, colors, and patterns!

What to Look for in a Travel Wrap?

  • Quality fabric and stitching 
  • Comfortable material you’ll enjoy wearing
  • Fits the season you’re traveling in 
  • Will fit in your luggage when you’re not wearing it 
  • Enhances your travel wardrobe
  • Fits your travel wardrobe budget 
  • Versatile enough to use in different ways while traveling 

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Best Travel Shawl, Travel Wrap,Travel Pashmina, Travel Blanket Scarf  

#1 – Ohayomi Solid Color Cashmere

Pashmina Shawl Wrap Scarf

If you’re looking for versatility, this scarf is a great option to be worn for travel, work, or a special occasion.  At an affordable price, it is sold in over twenty colors on Amazon. The material is a 30/70 cashmere-polyester blend with a good, quality feel. Reviews confirm that this scarf’s most lovable qualities are its softness, warmth, and elegance. Because of this product’s warm, it may be a better option for cool nights or cooler climates. In addition, there’s a 90-day money back guarantee! 

Click here to check the current price!

#2 – Bruceriver Wool Blended Versatile
Long Knit Poncho Wrap

This wool-blend scarf by Bruceriver is a versatile option for your travels.  One of the most unique qualities of this scarf is that it has armholes!  So, it can be worn as a scarf, shawl/ poncho, or wrap. Take your pick!  It is sold in five neutral colors and comes in two sizes: XS/S and M/L. Reviewers and the seller do note that because this product is designed to be versatile, it can be short in the back when being worn as a poncho.

Click here to check the current price!

#3 – HappyLuxe Travel Eco-Friendly Wrap and Blanket Scarf

Another great option is this scarf sold by HappyLuxe! It is simple, multifunctional and comes in a slim design.  An added bonus is that it is machine washable! This product is made from 98% micromodal fabric, which means that this scarf will be lightweight and easy to maintain. It is sold in a handful of colors but sadly, has no arm holes.

Click here to check the current price!

#4 – PULI Women’s Light Weight Knitted Poncho Sweater with Buttons

 Do you like buttons? If you do, this knitted scarf could be the one for you! This scarf has seashell buttons to add a bit of flare to your scarf. It can be worn several ways as an asymmetrical poncho, a cardigan, a shawl, or a vest. At an affordable price, this scarf is definitely one to consider.

Click here to check the current price!

#5 –DANA XU 100% Pure Wool Large Scarf Pashmina

If you’re looking for a statement piece to add to your travel wardrobe, this is a great option. The colors and designs on this large scarf are bold, bright and colorful. The fine wool used in this scarf will give you a soft, lightweight feel despite the product’s large size. It is recommended to handwash this product only.

Click here to check out the current price!

#6 – 100% Cashmere Extra Large Shawl Wrap

Classy and stylish, this scarf is made from 100% cashmere and can be worn as a neck or body wrap. It’s sleek, beautiful, and is currently sold in sixteen colors on Amazon. 

Click here to check the current price!

#7 – Fincati 100% Goat Cashmere Contrast Color
Twist Knit Shawl Winter Wrap Pashmina

This scarf reminds me of Neapolitan ice cream! Each scarf is a pleasant combination of 3 neutral color blocks (black, grey & white, white, cream & brown, etc) that blend nicely together and will work well with almost any outfit. This scarf is large enough to be worn draped around the neck or as a short shawl. It is made from very soft and cozy goat cashmere.

Click here for the current price!

#8 – Women’s Wool Made in Ireland Ruana

Made in Ireland, this wool ruana, a garment originating in the Andes region of South America, will be a great travel companion for you! Its measurements of 54” x 72” make it a perfect option for draping or wrapping. These Irish ruanas come in a nice-sized collection of colors and patterns.

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#9 – likemary 100% Merino Wool Fairtrade Blanket Scarf

Coming in the often-standard shades of black, charcoal, and cream, this wrap/ shawl also comes in bold colors like red and pink.  It is made from 100% merino wool.  A limited number of these scarves are woven each year so if you purchase this scarf you are certain to get a distinctive piece.

Click here to check the current price!

#10 – Dalle Piane Made in Italy 100% Cashmere 

Here is a cashmere scarf that is made and designed in Italy. Sold in one size with a generous selection of neutral and vivid color options, this gorgeous and cozy travel scarf is perfect for your next trip! 

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