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Planning travel in Germany is stressful & time-consuming.

That’s why our mission is to make the process easy and enjoyable!

Whether you’re planning for one week of travel or want to explore Germany while you’re living there, our Germany travel expertise will help you make the most of your time in this amazing country.

We’re Cate and Aaron, two passionate travelers who have been exploring Germany for the past 30+ years. Cate used to live in Germany, has a PhD in German Applied Linguistics, and taught college German for several years. We spend our own hard-earned money on our trips and love helping others plan unforgettable trips in Germany.

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Need a Little Help from a Germany Travel Expert?

With 30+ years Germany travel experience, Cate has helped countless people plan amazing trips to beautiful Deutschland.

Is This You?

You enjoy travel planning and are super excited about your trip to Germany. But you’re feeling stressed trying to decide things like…

  • Stick to Bavaria or can we fit in Berlin, too?
  • Is our itinerary setting us up for exhaustion or will we regret not seeing more sights?
  • Are guided tours and day trips worth the money? Or can we DIY them?
  • How can we get off the beaten path?
  • Should we book tickets and tours before we leave or after we arrive?
  • What do we need to know about German culture to enjoy our trip?
  • Drive a rental car or book Super Saver train?
  • Is buying a rail pass a waste of money?
  • Can we really pack carry-on only?

“We can’t tell you how much you helped to streamline our trip We feel so much more confident about the trains and our day trips. We are so excited to get there now knowing we have a plan!” Lorrie

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