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Planning a trip to Germany is stressful!

Our mission is to make it easy and enjoyable.

Hello! We’re Cate and Aaron, two passionate travelers who have been exploring Germany for the past 30+ years.

Cate used to live in Germany, has a PhD in German Applied Linguistics, and taught college German for several years. We’re real travelers who spend our own hard-earned money on our trips.

Whether you’re planning your first or your 20th trip, our Germany travel expertise will help you make the most of your visit to this amazing country!

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What People Are Saying

Helped So Much
“I couldn’t have planned my first trip to Germany without Cate! I am better prepared now and ready for my first international trip.” – Jenny

Less Stress, More Fun
“Thanks again for all of your help. It’s made the experience less stressful and much more fun!”
– Austin & Maggie

“I highly recommend scheduling a one on one consult with Cate. I had that consult recently and it was invaluable!” – Jen

Helpful Guidance
“I am so grateful to have found Cate from My Germany Vacation! I received such helpful guidance during our planning session.

Cate offered terrific suggestions, researched with us in real time, and helped us develop a plan we are super excited about.

Thank you, Cate!” – Michelle

Confident & Excited

“We can’t tell you how much you helped to streamline our trip.

We feel so much more confident about the trains and our day trips. We are so excited to get there now knowing we have a plan!” – Lorrie

“Omgggg you are amazing!!! Thank you so much for the itinerary – it helped a lot.” – Monica

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