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Willkommen! We’re Cate & Aaron, your Germany travel specialists. Use our 30+ years experience traveling in Germany to plan your dream vacation.

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Meet Your Germany Travel Guides

Hallo, we’re Cate and Aaron!

We’ve been traveling to Germany for 30 years. Cate used to live in Germany, has a PhD in German Applied Linguistics, and used to teach college German. Aaron’s a pro at driving on the Autobahn and ordering coffee and beer in German.

Now we’re here to help you plan your dream trip to beautiful Deutschland. Check out our travel guides and if you’d like to reduce trip planning overwhelm, book a 1:1 trip planning consult with Cate here!

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Take advantage of Cate’s 30 years expertise traveling in Germany to solve your trip planning confusion and plan your perfect trip!
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From a Client:
“Omgggg you are amazing!!! Thank you so much for the itinerary – it helped a lot.
A few of my daughters friends who she was in college with and live in Germany, said your itinerary is very very good!”  👏  👏  👏  
–  Monica 

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