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Hamburg Area Travel Guide

Planning to visit Hamburg and surrounding region? Start your trip planning here!

Keep reading this page for an overview of what to do and see in the Hamburg area. Or check out one of our more in-depth guides:

Ok, let’s a take a look at the beautiful Hamburg area and everything you can do and see here!

Located on the Elbe river in northern Germany, there are countless attractions in and around Hamburg and so much to love about this beautiful and bustling hanseatic city.

In addition to the usual museums and shopping, Hamburg has a huge lake in the middle of its city center (the Alster), a TV tower for excellent views, lush parks and botanical gardens, a famous fish market with delicious food, an historic harbor, and so much more.

Northern Germany looks and feels different than southern Germany, and I highly recommend visiting. I used to live in Hamburg and it’s one of my favorite cities in Germany!

What to Do and See in Hamburg

Whether you’re into food, history, architecture, nature, art, or spontaneous adventures, you’ll find plenty to see and experience in and around Hamburg! Here are a few ideas to get you started:

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  • Knusthalle Hamburg (art gallery)
  • Hamburger Dom (festival)
  • Evening Harbor Cruise
  • Blankenese Treppenviertel
  • Ohlsdorf Cemetery
  • Harvestehude Neighborhood
  • Alster Arkaden
  • Eat a Franzbrötchen
  • Stadtpark

Hamburg Accommodations

Hamburg offers a ton of comfortable places to lay your head at the end of a busy day of sightseeing! It just depends on which part of the city you’d like to stay in. Here are some hotel options organized by city location to get you started:

Hamburg Tours & Tickets

Hamburg has so many tours and special tickets to make your visit extra special, not to mention extra easy by booking in advance. Here are some ideas to get you started:

Find the best deals on Hamburg tours & tickets here!

Hamburg Day Trips

One of the best things about making Hamburg your home base while visiting northern Germany is that you have countless day trip options! You can plan your own day trips for maximum flexibility or book a guided tour for maximum relaxation and convenience. Here are some ideas to get your planning started!

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Baltic Sea

North Sea

Getting to Hamburg

Hamburg is the largest city in northern Germany and is a city-state, meaning that Hamburg is both a city and Bundesland (state).

Hamburg is easy to reach via train, bus, car or plane. If arriving from the US, consider flying directly into Hamburg’s international airport. We’ve started doing this and usually transfer in London or Frankfurt after flying from the US. You can take an U-bahn (metro) from the airport into the city in about 40 minutes or arrange an easy airport transfer here.

If you want to visit several cities in Germany, consider flying into Hamburg and out of another city like BerlinStuttgartCologne/Düsseldorf or Munich (we do this all the time now). To travel between cities, consider the train or renting a car. Taking a bus or flying are also options, although we personally prefer the ease and comfort of German trains (even if they’re not as punctual as they used to be)!

Getting Around Hamburg

If you’re flying into Hamburg you can easily take the U-bahn into the city center from the airport or arrange an easy airport transfer to your lodging.

If arriving via the main train station or bus station, you can walk to many hotels, catch a bus, U-bahn or S-bahn or grab a taxi. Hamburg’s public transportation is excellent and will easily get you where you want to go. If you use public transportation during your visit, I highly recommend getting a day pass over continually buying individual tickets.

Another way to get around Hamburg, at least for part of your visit, is the Hop On Hop Off bus! We did this one day and actually had a lot of fun.

If you drive to Hamburg make sure your lodging has parking! It is possible to find on street parking but it’s not always easy. The last time we were in Hamburg we spent about 40 minutes looking for a place to park our car and then another 20 minutes walking to our AirBnB. It wasn’t a big deal for us on that trip but it’s something to be aware of!

Best Hamburg Travel Guides

These are our two favorite travel guides. We typically buy a Rick Steves guide whenever there’s one available. His Germany guide now includes Hamburg!

We also highly recommend the Culture Smart books. I always read one before visiting a new country because they have so much useful cultural information (I usually read it on the plane) that gives me much-appreciated insight into what I’m doing, seeing, eating, and experiencing.

Hamburg Basics

1.8 million (city)
5.1 million (metro)

International Hamburg Airport Helmut Schmidt

Hamburg (it’s one of 3 “city-states” in Germany)

Schleswig-Holstein is the state north of city

Lower-Saxony is the state south of city

Train Travel Times to Hamburg
Berlin > Hamburg = 2 hrs
Frankfurt > Hamburg = 4 hrs
Munich > Hamburg = 5.5 hrs
Salzburg > Hamburg = 8 hrs
Paris > Hamburg = 8 hrs
Rome > Hamburg = 20 hrs
Prague > Hamburg = 7 hrs

Fun Facts
The greater Hamburg area has as many inhabitants as Norway!

Hamburg has more bridges in its city limits than any other in the world and more canals than Amsterdam and Venice combined!

Hamburg is often shortened to HH, which is what you’ll see on Hamburg license plates