Christmas Traditions from Germany: German Christmas Sweets, Decorations, Markets and More

— Christmas in Germany is my favorite time in Germany! There’s so much to love – the Christmas markets, traditions, and of course, the desserts and sweets. I used to live in Germany and have celebrated Christmas there several times. Since my German recipes and travel articles are so popular on IDB, I thought I’d […]

10 Must-Try German Desserts & Sweets

Germany is known for it’s many delicious desserts and sweet treats. How are you supposed to choose which ones to try when you go to Germany? It’s tough because everywhere you turn, there are just so many tantalizing  options. You could spend you’re entire visit to Germany just eating dessert and still never try all […]

13 Fun Things to Do in Hamburg, Germany (Hamburg Sightseeing Tips)

Hamburg is a big city and has so much to offer that it can be hard to decide what to focus on! If you’re planning to visit this northern Germany city and are wondering what to do what to do in Hamburg or which Hamburg points of interest are for you, this guide will help. […]

Tips for Visiting Hamburg for the First Time

Hamburg is Germany’s second largest city and a destination that should be on your vacation planning radar! Located on the Elbe river in northern Germany, there are countless attractions in Hamburg and so much to love about this beautiful and bustling hanseatic city. I lived in Hamburg when I was a teenager and have returned […]

How to Plan a Trip to Germany (Your Step by Step Germany Trip Planner for Traveling to Germany for the First Time!)

You’ve decided to visit Germany. Hooray! Whether you’re looking for bustling cities, sandy beaches, alpine hiking, intriguing history, fairytale castles, delicious food, fun festivals or friendly people, Germany is the perfect European vacation destination. (Wondering if it’s safe to travel to Germany in 2021 or 2022? Click here to get your Germany travel COVID-19 questions […]