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How to Reserve a Seat on a German Train

This week’s tip will help you reserve a seat when booking train tickets in Germany. Watch the video below!

Helpful Resources:
We book all of our German train tickets on the official Deutsche Bahn website.

Next Steps:

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“Omgggg you are amazing!!! Thank you so much for the itinerary – it helped a lot. A few of my daughters friends who she was in college with and live in Germany, said your itinerary is very very good!”  👏👏 👏  Monica 

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Helped So Much

I couldn’t have planned my first trip to Germany without Cate!  She answered my questions quickly and thoroughly, providing details and links that were both helpful and informative.  I am better prepared now and ready for my first international trip thanks to Cate! ❤️ – Jenny